The 2009 were devoted to complete the excavation of the triangular building discovered in 2008. 
The activities started in January 2009 in collaboration with 11 students of the University “L'Orientale” of Naples, coordinated by the Prof. Alfredo Carannante.  
A second group of students coming from Poland Universities, the University of l'Orientale of Naples, the University of Bari, the University of Milan and the University of Florence collaborate to the second period of 2009 excavations season, which started in August and ended the first week of November 2009. 
The area excavated in 2009 corresponds to the sector positioned to the West of the triangular building discovered in 2008, South to the industrial Pyrgos/Mavrorachi area.  
Remains of  foundations of walls belonging to a third detached construction of Middle Bronze Age have been found at 15 meters far: corresponding on the grid to the squares C9, C10, C11. Moreover, other remains of wall foundations, belonging to small constructions of Early Bronze Age, have been found in the space between the new building (in E 9-11 and D9-11) and against the western wall of the triangular building, brought to light  in 2008. 
Of particular interest is the structure found in C9-10, consisting on the remains of a 3m detached wall, which had against its Eastern side a peculiar deposition of vases and animal bones. 
At the end of the collapsing, corresponding to the South Eastern top extremity of the original structure, have been found a complete bucranium (jaws missing) of bull.  
Fragments of two clay horns found to nearby suggest that the bucranium was part of a fetish probably positioned on the top of the wall. However other fragments of ox head bones found mixed in the collapsed stones suggest that, probably, the top of structure was “decorated ?” by other (one or two) bucrania, or that all the bones (small goat included) pertain to a peculiar wall decoration.